Vibratory Media and Compounds

Vibratory finishing can vary widely in capability depending on equipment, media and compound.  Learn more about media and compound options below.

Vibratory Media - Compositions



Typically aluminum oxide or silicon carbide mixed with clay and other additives.  Used for a variety of applications, but typically deburr, flash removal, and edge break.


Steel ballcone vibratory media

Available in carbon steel or stainless.  Excellent for cleaning and burnishing operations.  High initial cost but very long lasting.


Plastic vibratory media shapes

Longer lifespan and more consistent than ceramic.  Can be used for deburr, edge-break, flash removal and polishing.


Synthetic vibratory finishing media

Similar to plastic but using an oil-based binder instead of water based.  Can be used for deburr, edge-break, flash removal and polishing.



Almost always ground corn cob.  Normally used as a drying agent after vibratory finishing, but can be used as a polishing media when properly treated.



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Vibratory Media - Shapes and Sizes - Ceramic


Triangle shaped abrasive vibratory media

Simple effective shape for general deburring.  Many formulations and sizes available.


Elliptical vibratory media

Excellent for contact in radii.  Available in many formulations and sizes, straight or angle cut.


Cylindrical ceramic vibratory media

Extruded cylinders are available in many diameter/length combinations, either straight or angle cut.



Spherical media, typically used for high polish applications as a carrier for loose abrasive.


Cone shaped ceramic vibratory media

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Variety of vibratory finishing ceramic shapes

There are many other shapes available, even custom ones just for your process.  How can we help you?

Vibratory Media - Shapes and Sizes - Steel Media

Steel Ball


Spherical balls typically used for brightening operations.

Steel Cone


Cone shaped in two planes - excellent for brightening on complex shapes.

Steel Ball-Cone


A ball shape in one plane and cone on the opposite axis.  Great for light edge break and brightening/burnishing.

Steel Pin


Normally used when media flow through an internal passage is needed.

Steel Ovalball


An elongated ball, used for brightening and basic edge break.

Steel Diagonal


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Vibratory Media - Shapes and Sizes Plastic/Synthetic

Many Ceramic Shapes

Variety of ceramic vibratory media shapes

Nearly all ceramic shapes are also available in plastic or synthetic formulations.


Pyramid shaped plastic vibratory media

Available in different sized and angles with a variety of abrasive compositions.


Wedge shaped plastic media

Available in several varieties - oval wedge, kite, etc.


Cone (conical) plastic vibratory media

Cones are one of the most common shapes of plastic or synthetic media, available in a variety of sizes.



Shaped like a glass lens, almost a hemisphere.  Good for polishing operations.


Media selection kit

There are countless size, shape, and composition combinations available, les us help find the best fit for your process.

Vibratory compounds

Surface Improvement

Deflashed part

Most vibratory compounds work primarily be helping the media do its' job - keeping the media clean to help with surface improvements.

Cleaning and Degreasing

Greasy part

For re-man operations or overly oily parts from previous operations, strong cleaning compounds can help quickly get your parts ready for the next operation.

Surface Enhancement


Trying to prepare your parts for coating or plating?  Surface enhancement compounds help get your parts ready.

Surface Luster

Differing surface lusters

Vibratory compounds can help brighten or darken your parts chemically.

Inhibitor/Corrosion Protection

Rusted parts

For short or long-term storage between operations, we can help with inhibitors to protect your parts.

Custom Formulations

Lab mixture in flask

Exotic alloys and process goals may need something a little extra - our labs and chemists can find the right blend for you.