Rebuilt Equipment

Roto Finish RM6A


Roto-Finish RM6A, fully automated system, completely refurbished.

*SOLD* Empire PRS with Axxiom Pot

*SOLD* Empire PRS with Axiom pressure pot

Empire Pneumatic Reclaim System with Axxiom pressure pot.

More Coming Soon


Our inventory changes constantly, let us know what your needs are and there's a good chance we can find a solution.

*SOLD* Empire PEB Blast Room with blast pot and PRS


Fully assembled pre-fabricated blast room with crane rail, included pressure pot and reclaim system.

Empire TT36


Multiple options available in our rebuild queue.

Roto Finish ER0405C


Fully rebuilt 5 cubic feet capacity vibratory finisher.

*SOLD* Empire Proformer 4652

Empire 4652 proformer pressure abrasive blast cabinet

Fully rebuilt, pressure system with 1 cubic foot blast pot and integrated reclaimer and dust collector.

Empire 2636 ProLifter

Empire 2636 Prolifter pressure blast cabinet

Excellent ergonomic machine for operator productivity and comfort.

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