Aerospace Finishing job Shop

Current production capabilities include:

  • Superpolish/Ra improvement on aerospace and medical parts including titanium, aluminum, and nickel based alloys.
  • Specialized blasting services on low-volume, high value parts.
  • In-house part evaluation, testing, and process development.

Our current customers include OEM engine builders, foundries, investment casters, etc.  Product mix include:

  • Blades and Vanes - including hot, intermediate and low-pressure parts in DS, SC, and Equiax
  • Fan frames and casings in nickel and titanium alloys.
  • Stators in multiple configurations.
  • Discs and Blisks
  • Pumps, housings, and multiple other components for rocket engines.

We use only the best process inputs to achieve our outcomes.  The finest equipment, media, compounds and people go into our efforts.  We offer our production finishing services in our Michigan and Oregon locations, both AS9100 certified.