Sandblasting, media blast, abrasive blasting, shotblast, grit blast, soda blast, wet blast; it can be confusing.  Take a moment to learn the differences and how we can help.


Hand Cabinets, Blast Rooms, Pots, Indexing Turntables, Barrel Tumblers, Shotblast Tables, Spinner Hangers, Robotic Systems, Microblast, Soda Blasters, Dry Ice Systems...

Tools and Tips

It may seem straightforward, but there may be a trick or technique you haven't seen before.  

Media Selection

Process drives the system - learn more about the types of blasting media including size, shape, hardness and how they compare and work in your process.

Parts and Service

Like it or not, every piece of equipment requires some maintenance.  We stock an extensive supply of spare and replacement parts and safety equipment to keep you operational.

The GNP Difference

Grand Northern Products prides itself on our relationships.  Learn more about our philosophy of helping our customers grow.