Air Blast Equipment

Hand Cabinets

Available in pressure or suction with tons of options, the hand-cabinet is the most common type of blast equipment.  

Blast Rooms

They come in all kinds of sizes from the size of a small shed to an airplane hanger - the blast room is incredibly versatile when you need adaptability to parts of all shapes and sizes.

Blast Pots

Abrasive blasting pot

Normally used as a portable option, blast pots are a great way to bring equipment to the job.  Commonly used on large-scale projects, portable/bulk pots are available from 1 to over 100 cubic feet capacity.

Automated Systems

Where precise blasting and production rates meet - automated systems include: continuous or indexing turntables, rotary heads, inline machines and robots.  These are excellent for high production rates and can be customized for your process.

Barrel Tumblers

When you have a lot of parts that can have some part on part contact, you can't beat the production rate of a tumbler.  Small ones can be built into a hand cabinet or larger stand-alone systems are available.

Used Equipment

We stock a wide variety of fully refurbished systems for when you need something immediately, backed with a warranty.  

Wheel Blast Equipment

Tumble Blasters

Parts are rolled in a barrel keeping them mixed.  Simple, user-friendly operation.

Table Blasters

Perfect for larger, heavy parts.

Hanger Systems

Excellent for complex shapes that need coverage.

Belt/Roller Systems

For blasting lots and lots of parts.

Continuous Belt/Drum

Similar to a belt or roller system, combined with a tumbling action.

Soda, Dry Ice, Dustless

Soda Blasting

Baking soda is commonly used as a cleaning and remediation media but has a ton of applications.  Often it's the right balance of not too aggressive and not too soft.

CO2/Dry Ice Blasting

Great for cleaning and material removal with no damage to the underlying surface.  When it's the right application ice blasting can't be beat.

Dustless Blasting

Although mixing water with abrasive reduces its effectiveness, dustless blasting is excellent when you need an aggressive process but can't use a blast room or need to be mobile and control your dust.